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Sean Holley TV
Sean Holley

I love my Rugby that's for sure. Hopefully the players I have coached will vouch for my passion and commitment. Hopefully it comes across when I'm commentating on TV or when I'm analyzing games from the Truck on Scrum V. Whenever I'm on the TV my aim is to always be prepared and show the viewer something a little bit different or something they have missed.

The Man In The Truck

The adrenalin is pumping during a live game. It's my job to try and highlight points of interest but also to challenge the more discerning viewer. Clipping the footage with the technicians and building a story before the half time break is tricky. Adding the graphics so that they help to explain the footage is an art. Then its all about ensuring I can script what I have to say in the 45 seconds or so live to the home audience. There's no time for a rehearsal…….and cue Sean!!

Sean Holley TV

I Get To Work With The Best

I'm so lucky to work with Institutions like the BBC and Sky. To work alongside professional presenters and esteemed pundits like Jonathan Davies and Martyn Williams and see the producers and directors at first hand work their magic. It's a different world to the coaching world but it's an interesting one that connects both facets of what I do to the public. Commentating is an exciting way to watch a game of rugby.

Sean Holley TV

The Writer

I've always been interested in communicating through the pen. Since writing educational courses as a lecturer in Rugby Studies at Carmarthenshire College and then as the first ever Director of Rugby at Hartpury College I've been able to write articles for Governing Bodies of Sport. More recently express my views regularly in magazine like Rugby World, Emerald Rugby, The Rugby paper and online coaching sites like Rugby Coaching weekly.

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